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Sigi Sigi
VEVOR Siebdruckmaschine
Sichere Verpackung, und schnelle Lieferung. Auch ohne Anleitung einfach aufzubauen und einzustellen. Hochwertige Materialien.
Michael Michael
kein Titel
Sehr robustes Gerät mit dem auch präzise Drucke möglich sind. Die Arretierung ist sehr exakt. Man muss keine 600 Euro für so ein Karusell ausgeben, mit diesem sind wir sehr gut bedient, es macht alles was es soll.
Oliver Pritschins Oliver Pritschins
Für den Preis richtig gut
Paket kam wie gewohnt schnell an. Alles gut verpackt. Relativ schnell zusammen gebaut. Funktioniert gut. Nur das justieren des Klapparms, bis dieser parallel zur Unterseite ist, ist was Fummellig.
Kambou Gabriel Kambou Gabriel
Comme je voulais
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Jack cortes
Highly recommend to someone starting out screen printing. If you cannot put your item together guide yourself through looking at pictures but it’s pretty self explanatory. So far so good I’ve already made hundreds of tshirts.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Common Sense Build
I read the reviews for this and laughed when it talked about the instructions to assemble were missing.... UGH!! Opened the box, found an instruction booklet and thought "JACKPOT!!!" The only thing "JACKPOT" about the instruction book are the black and white pictures. there is literally NO INSTRUCTIONS!! Thank goodness I have developed a liking for putting things together without instruction. Seems to be the trend with small business equipment. Only had to take it apart and reassemble one time so I consider this one a winner. I would consider this one a "COMMON SENSE BUILD" If you have no common sense, just don't buy it.When I finally got it assembled, It was pretty cool. You can adjust the springs to the tension you want. Adjust the bracket that holds the screen. THE ONLY thing I don't like is the play on the screen arm. When you pull it down to screen print, there is a space where a side piece that is connected to the screen arm slides into to prevent the arm from moving while you are pulling ink. But, this doesn't lock in. There is about an inch of play. It's manageable but just a bit annoying.I do like this product and for the money, I think it's worth the buy.I WOULD recommend this product to anyone delving into the Screen Printing business.
freddy freddy
That everything works really good
Shanna Shanna
Heavy and sturdy
Great press easy to use SV
Nathan Goldstein Nathan Goldstein
Works great.
This product was great.Easy to put together, easy to use holds the screens great.
Kristohper Visich Kristohper Visich
Great Product... kv
Great product.. very happy with the quality... Need alittle more in terms of instructions for putting it together But nothing that You tube can’t solve..Kristopher V.....

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