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Paul Tosev Paul Tosev
Quality machine
Arrived in a single box very well packaged and almost completely assembled, apart from the stepper motors which is understandable. So far I've done several carvings which turned out great. Initially it was skipping steps and I had to slow it right down but I resolved the issue which turned out to be me. I had it plugged through the vacuum cleaner and I assume that was causing some issues with instable power supply and I was also using a laptop with antivirus running in the background.So far very happy with the service and product.
van der meulen van der meulen
Heb hem nu een tijdje. Had hem veel eerder moeten kopen
Steffen Braun Steffen Braun
Klasse Onlineshop
Kann ich sehr empfehlen. Klasse Ware, schnell und unkompliziert.
komori komori
Lacking in clarity, otherwise ok for a beginner
Delivery was quick, great! The device works fine and milling quality is OK.I spent the better part of the day assembling it, due to sketchy and conflicting instructions in a Chinglish language which is difficult to understand at times. I actually found a good tutorial video AFTER I finished putting it together.I played with it for a while and overall I am satisfied with this toy. I am giving it 4 stars because:1. Imprecise and conflicting assembly instructions.2. D-shaped spindle shaft. This causes the er11 chuck to be a fraction of a mm off-center and thus to vibrate a great deal when going more than 50% power. It doesn't seem to affect precision much, but the noise is horrible. Even when not drilling!3. The spindle assembly positioning screw coupler was not fastened well and due to mentioned vibrations, it came loose and the spindle plunged into the plate. It ruined one of the tools...4. No clear instructions for the cronos maker control board: what are the functions of all those pins and connectors? How to wire limit switches and if needed a z-probe? What is the function of the "servo" pins? What does the Auto/on jumper do? How are the 2-3 pin laser connectors to be used? What bluetooth module is compatible woth the board? And most importantly, how can I safely upgrade the grbl version from 0.9j?Sorry about the rant.As I mentioned, I am pretty happy with how the machine performs and after performing the initial calibration, it does a great job, at least from a beginner's point if view.I had seen other models which came with the 3d-printed plastic components. This one has them made of real and sturdy-looking plastic, so the quality is quite good for such a priceworthy toyI would actually appreciate some help on the issues I listed, as it seems that answers to the questions are pretty hard to find.Hope this review helps.
Schiller Viktor Schiller Viktor
CNC 1610
Naoki Yanagisawa Naoki Yanagisawa
3 Axis Cnc Router Kit 3018 Engraver 3 Achsen T8-schraube Holzschnitzerei Grbl
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
sehr gutes produkt
ein bisschen kompliziert beim aufbau sonst zum weiterempfehlen service sehr gut

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