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Robin Elder Robin Elder
Hand- und Fußgestänge Orange
It has limitations but it was exactly what I needed. Research for the right fit.
Decided to try a new hobby and bought this to practice centering and little things. I researched and read reviews and this was best match for the money. Got exactly what I needed to start throwing. 2 lbs clay is about as much as I can handle but that’s all I need-I’m a newbie. Works great and I have had no issues with shipping or use. I also got some pieces off it ready to fire. RE
Kausar Kausar
Hand- und Fußgestänge Orange
Smaller than normal, but perfect for what I need them for!
Smaller than normal, but perfect for what I need them for! I have a client that needs 600 small pieces of small clay bowls and these is just the perfect height and weight for me to use! Speed on this machine is perfect as well! Came in faster than I expected!
Dino Dino
Hand- und Fußgestänge Orange
Really fun product!
So fun! Cleaning the tub was difficult
Greg Prosser Greg Prosser
Knopf Blau 10 cm
The side of the package has gang signs or something written on it with permant marker!?
Strange... gang graffiti on it!
B_ki Istv_n B_ki Istv_n
Pedal Orange
It's OK:
Joern Stougaard Joern Stougaard
Pedal Orange
New speed control box
I need a new speed control box to pottery wheel 350 W, the foot pedal do not running more, is that possibol to get a new ?, The box are on the back of the mascine back the motor.
Csaba Szekely Csaba Szekely
Knopf Orange 10 cm
We have a lot of fun
For this price is it a very good machine. It's a little bit too small. You are sitting very low on a low chair. The loudness is nice, not to loud.I can recommend this item for not professional pottery.
Anett Bach Anett Bach

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