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8 Bewertungen
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AmazonShopper7 AmazonShopper7
Arrived damaged - delivered by USPS
Missing parts & box was ripped by postal serv - Amazon settled itOtherwise (and after painting too) it was nice piece
007007007 007007007
1 issue
The provided wall screws don't fit the hole in the brackets. The screws are to small and just fall through the bracket holes. I found some at Home Depot. Would have been easy installation otherwise. GOOD PRODUCT
Yankel Yankel
Will require fiddling to install
Good quality and attractive but the hardware does not line-up requiring drilling to match support brackets with the handrail.
Dennis Yatuzis Dennis Yatuzis
Great product.
Surpasses expectations.
Tammy Tammy
Customer loves them.
My husband bought two of these to install for an elderly customer. She absolutely loved them. She feels much more secure in navigating her front steps with these grab bars in place.
Leita Leita
Adds stability
Beautifully made....solid, well-made, heavy duty----adds beauty even !
Franz Winkler Franz Winkler
Super schnelle Lieferung
Helmut H. Helmut H.
Alles bestens.
Alles wie vorgesehen.

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