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Georg Forster Georg Forster
Ware wie beschrieben, sehr schnelle Lieferung
B. A. Baracus B. A. Baracus
Incorrect description
The listing claims that this has the 500 watt heater. Not so. The upgrades to this unit only include a better lid handle, a degas setting, and a half-wave power setting. The 22l model has the 500w heater. This unit has 8 transducers, not 7 as some reviews state. The 20l tank holds ~ 4 gallons to the fill line. The unit works well but it too soon to rate its longevity.
gixxermark gixxermark
Better quality than other machines
I love this machine. It cleans better than the ultrasonic machines in the past. I'm glad I bought this.
Larry Hillman Larry Hillman
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Used for cleaning records. Works very well!
john p. john p.
Works great
Works as it should. I really like it.People complain about the noise, the noise is coming from the lid being metal on metal. I placed something on top of the lid and it was nice and quiet.No complaints here.
Bob - Beebe AR Bob - Beebe AR
Well constructed and easy to use.
Great overall size for the home do it "yourselfer".I've used it clean small 2 and 4 cycle engine disassembled carburetors and other mechanical engine parts.Every item comes out clean and has a much improve appearance.
Kevin M. Kevin M.
Do it...
Bought for brass prep. It is a jackhammer compared to the 3x cost hornady unit. Awesome. It even has a half throttle setting. 30-45min with one shot brass cleaner has all carbon removed from poclets and inside cases. I can dump 200 cases in the basket, no problem. Only remaining question is how long it will last. So far so good.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Bin ich zufrieden, aber sehr laut.
Robert Dilitz Robert Dilitz
Schlelle Lieferung gutes produkt
Schlelle Lieferung gutes produkt
Klaus Lange Klaus Lange
Ultraschallgerät 10l
Sehr schnell geliefert. Heizleistung ist niedrig, ansonsten ist die Reinigungsleistung m.E. ganz ordentlich.

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